About us

At Tresor, we care about your watches. We understand the delicate processes that goes into these exquisite pieces, and our mission is to provide the best tools to care for them and ensure their long-lasting life. With our gorgeous watch winders, you can provide your beautiful watches the best care they need while displaying it stylishly.

Tresor is a Singapore based company, focused on providing watch lovers with watch winders to keep their pieces winded and in great care. Our watch winders are made with care and love in mind. We use cutting edge technology and premium materials to give our product that polished sheen and stylistic look. You can find us on a multitude of platforms, both online and offline, with very accessible service centre and efficient customer service. Most importantly, we provide a 1-year limited warranty on all our products purchased in Singapore.

In the past dozen years, we have received many good reviews from our customers, many complimenting on our product quality, unique designs and its superb functionality. Our customers also really love the different settings and multiple options on the watch winder, which provides them with an opportunity to fine-tune their watch care routine and cater to the watch’s specific needs.

Ultimately, watch care is at the heart of our company. It is our mission and purpose to provide you with the best tools to do so. To us, watch care is not just a service, it’s an art.