Tresor S3-MB Watch Winder

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Tresor Watch Winder is the must-have accessory for collectors or owners of self-winding watches, it helps to keep watches to run all the time.  

The winder rotates in constant pattern, an unique "turn-and-rest" program enables the winder to rotate and stop for a pre-determined period of time.  Enabling all watches to be wound up whether the watch is completely or partially wound down, without over-stressing the watch's delicate moving mechanism.

Details of Tresor S3-MB :

This is not an ordinary safetybox, it's a 3-slot watch winder built-in!
It's the best way to safe-keep your valueable watch collections.  You can put your watches at the safe and keep it running at the same time! 

- Bright internal LED light that comes on when you OPEN the door

- 6 digits personal code LED display ( power status display )

- Fully motorized locking 2 solid steel bolts

- 2 Emergency manual key to over-ride Safe

- Three-slot watch winders, winding heads are independently powered and controlled, provides sufficient power to wind all sizes of watches 

-  LED Soft-touch switch for selection of turning speed and rotation modes

- Speed selection : 650,900,1200,1500,1800 Turn-per-day (TPD)

- Rotation mode : Clockwise; Counter-clockwise ; Bi-direction

- Dimension(mm):  350 x 250 x 250 mm

- AC power supply

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Remark : New series safe type watch winder will be ready on Q3,Please contact us for reserved.