Why you need a Watch Winder?

Posted by Steven SM on

For collectors or owners of self-winding watches, it is important that all of their watches run all the time. Of course, a watch that has stopped can be rewound and the date corrected, but having to do that for more than two watches can be a very time-consuming task.

A Tresor watch winder takes care of this potential annoyance. The watches are safely kept in the winder.  An electric motor (powered by a battery or adapter) ensures that the winder rotates constantly and with sufficient motion to keep the watch wound. This protects, in particular, delicate self-winding watches from being damaged through irregular use. The constant rotation also allows you to monitor the precision of the gears and ensure that models with a perpetual calendar are ready to use and set to the correct date even when they have not been worn for an extended period of time. 

Tresor offers several models of watch winder at a special price.  Check out the offer now.


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